Friday, October 18, 2013

Scrub a Dub Dub Three Boys in a Tub

Over these past four years I feel like bath time has always been a challenge.  When the boys were babies it was hard because we bathed them in the sink x 3 which meant we had to fill the tub with warm water three times and resulted in bath time taking close to an hour.  As the boys got older it got complicated depending on how many sets of hands were home to help.  If my husband was home we could bathe them together and it could be relatively quick, but if it was a solo job I had to take them to the tub one at a time and I was back to it taking close to an hour.  Once my son's (Liam) sensory issues began around the age of 2 we always had to worry about temperature and screaming.  Sometimes he loved the bath and it was fine, sometimes he hated the bath and he screamed through the whole thing.  We never knew which one we were going to get and we still don't.

This past year as my boys navigated the age of 3 and are in the independent age of 4 just getting them to go the bathroom to take a bath has been a challenge.   Recently, while I was at the grocery store I discovered these bath pellets made by Crayola where you can change the bath water different colors. The container comes with red, blue and yellow so that you can make any color you want.  Now when it is a bath night we just ask what color they want their bath and they get so excited to see their chosen color and figure out what pellets to mix to make new colors!