Sunday, September 29, 2013

Puzzle Storage Wars

So we have this Melissa and Doug puzzle with lots and lots and lots of letters.  The puzzle comes with about ten wooden boards for your child to spell three and four letter words with the letters.  I love this puzzle.  It is educational, one of my little guys loves letters, it is a win win.  The drawback to this puzzle, it comes in a wooden box with a compartment for the wooden boards and a compartment for the letters but there is no lid.  This means when I am not looking the little letters crawl out of the box and scatter around my living room constantly.  At least that is how it feels.

As a solution I got elastic food storage covers (they are basically different sized shower caps) and I stretched it over the top of the box.  Now we have a lid that my little guys can easily take on and off when they want to use the puzzle.  But when the puzzle is not in use, all the letters stay neatly in the box and no longer scatter around my living room when I am not looking.