Monday, August 5, 2013

Travelling with Toys

We take lots of road trips with our little ones.  Mostly because the prospect of flying on an airplane with my triplets not only terrifies me but the cost is prohibitive.  As a result, any vacation we have ever taken has been via car.  We have a Honda Pilot with three car seats in the middle row and lots of trunk space in the back (we always keep the back row of seats folded down).  Caleb, Jake and Liam’s first road trip was at six months old when we drove to Charleston, SC to spend Passover with family.  The amount of baby related equipment and items we brought with us was staggering.  Two strollers, three pack and plays, suitcases full of clothes, diapers, baby food, bouncy seats, toys, etc.  I could barely see out the back window of the car. 

As the boys have gotten older we have been able to reduce the amount of equipment.  Last year we gave up on the pack and plays since Liam would climb out and sleep with us anyway.  Just last month we took our first road trip without the stroller now that the boys want to walk more and I have a carrier for Liam when he is feeling anxious.  Even with less equipment, we still needed to make room for all the toys.  Anytime we pack up the car to embark on our next adventure I am reminded of the scene in A League of Their Own when Tom Hanks’ is trying to get everyone loaded on the bus and one of the players emerges from the house overloaded with her little boys' toys.  Tom Hanks declares how they cannot leave for the World Series without Stillwell's toys.  That is my life. 

Last holiday season I found these fantastic back packs in BJ’s that unzipped into different scenes for the boys to play with on the go.  We got one car backpack, one dinosaur backpack, and one rocket ship backpack. 


When I had to attend a meeting with all three boys in tow, I used the backpacks and it worked out great.  They were able to bring along a small number of toys, a coloring book and crayons and the boys were able to each carry their own pack.  Finally one less thing for me to carry!! Now when we take road trips the rule is that we bring the three backpacks and a few toys that can fit inside.  Usually it consists of whatever came with the backpack (cars, dinosaurs, astronauts), a coloring book, crayons, and a couple of small favorites.  This makes my life a little less cluttered when we travel and I am always prepared with something to distract the boys when we are on a road trip or at a meeting or other out of the house function where they need to find something else to do besides running around in circles!!