Saturday, July 20, 2013

Three Little Bakers in the Kitchen

Baking with three little boys is often easier said than done.  However, every now and then I gear myself up for the challenge and prepare the kitchen to make a mess and hopefully get some cookies out of it!!  We are heading to a family BBQ tomorrow so I decided to make some dough and get out our awesome super hero cookie cutters.  My boys are nuts over super heroes right now, so helping mommy in the kitchen to make cookies got even better when we received a set of four super hero cookie cutters as a gift-Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man and Iron Man.  These cookie cutters can be purchased here.  I love these cookie cutters because they are easy for little ones to use (they just have to push down) and the cookie actually looks like the super hero so it is easy for your little one to recognize and enjoy their creation.
Iron Man is currently missing
I do not have a large kitchen so thankfully the boys each took turns as to when they were interested in making cookies this afternoon.  They each helped roll out the dough and they each got to pick a hero and make a cookie or two. 

The finished product!  Iron Man has gone missing :(

I am also so proud of Liam for baking his first batch of cookies with me.  Liam has sensory processing disorder and getting his hands messy with different textures has been a struggle for him.  I am happy to report that he has made huge strides and really got into putting his hands into the flour (he called it cauliflower) spreading it all over the counter to roll out the dough and even spread it all over himself.  He told me the dough was squishy and enjoyed smelling it, touching it and trying to taste it. 
Liam playing peek-a-boo with the flour
I am glad the boys are finally at the age where they enjoy helping me bake and cook.  Now I just have to wait for the age when they can help me clean up the mess!!