Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eat Your Own Vegetables

A long term project I have chosen for the summer is a small vegetable garden on our deck.  It started when the boys came home from preschool with some plants that I assumed were flowers but I quickly discovered were actually, corn, pumpkin and what I have dubbed the mystery plant (for whatever reason it was only labeled with Jake’s name and not the plant’s identity—we are still awaiting what it will blossom into). 

About one week after planting

I had planted the vegetables in a small window box and that is when I discovered the white plastic sticks did not only contain the boys’ names but also the identity of the vegetables (except in the case of Jake’s mystery plant).  Knowing that corn and pumpkins would need a bit more room we made a family trip to Home Depot one weekend and purchased a large whiskey barrel planter for $20.00 and gardening soil.  Of course while on line waiting to pay we picked up some more seeds to plant, namely carrots, more pumpkins and some green beans.  

We are now on week six and the vegetables are flourishing.  The boys help me water them each day, an activity that can sometimes get out of hand, and we are eagerly awaiting the first signs of pumpkins in the fall.  I am not entirely sure if the carrots will make it since my husband threw them into the soil after Jake managed to open the seed packet on planting day but I continue to hope for the best. 
Jake watering all the plants

I am using vegetable garden to talk about how the flowers and plants grow from seeds.  They started talking about this process in preschool and I am always eager to feed their curiosity with as much information as I can provide.  I am also hoping it will cause the boys to eat some vegetables that they have grown themselves.  I know they will not hesitate to decorate the pumpkins when it comes to Halloween this year!!
Vegetable garden today!