Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boys and Their Cars

As the boys’ 4th birthday is approaching I think about what toys we need to get rid of to make room for the new ones.  What toys have they outgrown, don’t play with anymore, have broken, etc. 
When they were around one we started getting them the Fisher Price wheelies line of toys.  For their second Hanukah they got a tall ramp to put their cars down and it was a great toy for them to lean on and cruise around when they were still learning to walk.  We also got them a car wash and family had gotten them a Batman batcave that actually connects to the car wash.  As the Wheelies line grew in popularity so did the range of cars you could buy for it-they now have character cars.  So we not only have the Bat cave but we also have Batman, the Joker, Wonder Woman and the recent additions to our collection, Woody, Buzz and Jessie. 
the characters enjoy the Batcave and the Car Wash
What I like about the wheelie cars is that they were great when the boys were one and putting things in their mouths and they are still great now as they are approaching four because they use the cars more imaginatively as they are consistently narrating their play and not just watching cars go down a ramp.  They now “fill up” the cars at the gas pump, wash the cars in the car wash and fix the cars at the mechanics.  There are many different play sets you can buy to go with the wheelies so you can keep up with your kids growing imaginations.  I love toys that can grow with your child and not just be tossed aside after six months.   

The boys are old enough now for matchbox cars and they have quite a few of those but they will still go to their wheelies quite often so I guess we will be holding to those through another birthday!