Monday, July 1, 2013

Beating the Heat with Chalk and Power Tools

Another summer day home with my preschoolers down.  Of course we spent a large amount of time outside and riding bikes.  The heat and humidity (although nothing compared to the west coast right now) allowed us to spend an hour outside and an hour inside to rehydrate. 

A fun and inexpensive activity for Friday afternoon was having my guys lay down on the driveway (the shady parts) and I did an outline chalk drawing of each of them.  Of course they also insisted on me laying down and drawing an outline of me.  I think they got more chalk on my clothes than on me.  I switched it up when the driveway was too hot to lay down and I had Jake stand still and traced his shadow on the driveway.  He thought it was great.  Then the boys filled in eyes, ears, glasses and it got us through another hour of the day. 


When my husband arrived home that night he joked that it looked like a crime scene outside with all the chalk outlines but it kept them happy and made the afternoon go by quickly!
After some time inside to cool down and have a quick snack, we ended the afternoon by giving our bikes a quick tune up in the driveway using our "power tools"  The bikes have never run better!!