Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going on a Spider Hunt

The summer has begun for me and my three preschoolers.  This summer we are not doing camp so as a result I am trying to find all sorts of activities to do with them at home and locally.  This week was our first official week at home without school or a road trip to prepare for. 
What started as an earth worm hunt in our garden (without much success) we discovered a pretty large spider that we quickly captured in our bug zoo and carefully examined with our magnifying glasses.  The boys were so excited they were showing all the neighbors who came over to say hello.  Jake even took the spider for a walk in the bug zoo!
I then tried to turn our spider hunt into a teaching moment by discussing how spiders are arachnids and have eight legs.  We then drew spiders on the driveway making sure to count out eight legs.  One day of summer down, only about sixty more to go!!