Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Going on a Space Adventure

I am not exactly sure how it all started, but all three of my little three and half year olds have become obsessed with the planets and outer space.  Just to add to the obsession, the Sid the Science Kid movie had a segment on planets, and both The Cat in the Hat and Super Why did a show on the planets.  Even the sensory gym I take the boys to has a Galaxy room displaying all the planets on the wall.  Before I knew it Caleb, Jake and Liam were reciting the planet names and were requesting to watch Sid in outer space almost every morning when they woke up. 

Since before they were born I have struggled with how to decorate the boys’ room.  Knowing the three of them had to share it, I wanted to pick something that they all enjoyed.  My guys are all so different so instead of picking something, I committed to nothing.  When the planet obsession surfaced I was doing some online shopping and stumbled across a planet area rug I could put in their room.  Finally a plan was set in motion.  The rug was perfect, it had a rocket ship, the stars and all the planets along with the name of each planet written underneath (this detail was an added bonus for my son Liam because he loves letters and spelling).    

 My husband happens to be a pretty talented artist and can draw free hand so we decided to head out to home depot and pick out paints so Daddy could paint three rocket ships on their bedroom walls, one for each boy.  I thought we would have three simple rocket ships with the boys’ names on them but once my husband started going there was no way to stop him.  He created one ship from Firefly, one ship from Star Trek and one Curious George Rocket Ship.  He did a fantastic job!  Even though the boys have no idea what Firefly or Star Trek is they love their spaceships.  I also ordered some planet decals to put around the space ships to add to the whole theme.   The boys finally have decorations on their walls!!!