Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking Back Over Three Years

I have only a few days let of having three toddlers under 3.  Each year I make a book of all the photos taken over the past year.  I started this tradition when my boys were approaching one and I realized how many pictures we had taken but could not possibly put in frames.  I thought about just getting pictures printed and putting them in a book myself but I found it a bit easier to just create a photo book online. 

As I was creating the book this year I realized how big my guys have really gotten.  I find being with the boys on a daily basis, I do not notice or realize they have gone through a growth spurt until I try to put a pair of pants on them.  Going through the older books and photos brings me back to the time of bottles and formula and going from zero babies to three in a weekend.

Liam, Jake and Caleb at one week old!

The day we all went home together

My refrigerator-bottles for the day

Now we have a refrigerator filled with snacks and juice boxes instead of formula and a living room full of toys, and a small table and chairs instead of a pack and play.  Instead of changing outfits five times a day we are venturing into potty training and preschool.  It is hard to believe the changes you go through in three years.  When you are in the moment and trying to feed and comfort three screaming babies at the same time it feels like it will never end.  Now I feel like I blinked and they have transformed from babies into three little boys who are ready for adventures.  Happy Birthday my little boys and thank you for making everyday with you a new adventure.  

Left to Right: Jake, Liam and Caleb today