Monday, June 25, 2012

Around the World in 80 Sippy Cups


Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little...I have not been around the world.  I do feel like I have gone through every sippy cup there is to go through looking for the one magic cup that does not leak and is easy to drink from.  Unfortunately I discovered that I was looking for the "chupacabre" and that there is no magic cup but there are good cups on the market that I have had some success with and there are bad cups.
When my boys were little and I was contemplating the transition from a bottle to a sippy cup I was not sure where to begin.  As a mom of multiples, I would feed my boys via bottle at the same time lined up on a pillow. 

By the time I was ready for the transition from bottle to sippy cup, they were about a year old.  I originally bought a traditional sippy cup with a "hard" spout.  The boys hated them and to be honet upon trying the cup myself, I found it hard to get liquid from it.  In turn, I tried a soft spout sippy cup thinking it would be more like a bottle.  The boys would not drink from them either.  Instead, they found it more fun to shake it up and down (since the cup had handles) and watch the milk or water go flying.  The boys were also trying to drink from the bottle or sippy cup while sitting up and getting  frustrated from receiving no liquid.  They did not want to tilt the cup or bottle back.  Then I rememberd one instance of when we were on vacation and we had gone out to eat.  Liam was sitting in my lap (as usual when we go out to eat) and he decided he wanted to have what mommy was having so I let him have some of my water through a straw.  Liam used the straw no problem and actually drank the water.  I had more success with a simple straw and cup of water than with any sippy cup so far.  At that moment I decided that I would find a straw sippy cup and see if the boys would try that.  The next time we were in BJ's and doing the obligatory stroll through the baby aisle, I found a three pack of munchkin straw cups.  I decided it was meant to be.  Not only did I find a three pack of straw sippy cups but they were in gender netural colors---no bright pinks and flowers to contend with.  As an added bonus, I find Munchkin to be an affordable brand and since I was at a wholesale club, I was able to get three cups for half the price.  The cups seal tightly, and they are relatively easy to clean. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Journey through the Land of IVF: Part 1

This particular entry relates my roller coaster ride through the land of infertility.  I feel like women do not talk about it openly.  As I was going through it I personally didn't want to talk about it with everyone but I did confide in a few people.  I think part of the reason I do not have an issue talking about it now is because I am a success story.  I did not think that this was how my life was going to end up when we started talking about starting a family. 

I got married to my husband when I was 28 years old and he was 31.  I did not feel the need to start a family right away.  We wanted to travel, I had just started my career as a lawyer.  A little before my 30th birthday we decided to start trying.  The first few months went by without success but I figured no big deal.  Then another few months went by without success.  We even went on a relaxing Alaskan cruise for my 30th birthday and nothing.  I finally went to my ob/gyn and everything had looked normal.  He had me go for a test called a hysteropingogram.  Basically they inject dye into your lady parts to see if your ovaries and tubes are clear.  Mine were.  So after all these months, nothing appeared to be wrong with me.