Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's go to the Zoo!

Sunday we did one of my favorite activities with the boys...we went to the Bronx Zoo!  My son Jake, in particular, LOVES animals.  Of course the highlight of his zoo experience today was the peacock.  The peacock is not in one particular exhibit.  Rather they roam the grounds and is often the first animal we see upon arrival.  For whatever reason Jake loves looking for the peacocks.

Our first stop was the bug carousel.  A favorite attraction for all three of my boys. 

Today was a particularly fun filled activity day at the zoo.  Two of my sons' favorites characters were scheduled to appear---Sid the Science Kid and Buddy the T-Rex from Dinosaur Train.  Of course it was also Memorial Day Weekend and incredibly hot.  I have to say I thought the zoo would be easier as they got older and in some respect it is. However, they definitely object to the stroller alot more now and when released they love to scatter in three different directions. Sometimes my boys think holding hands is great and other times they think holding hands is a fun game mom and dad want to play with the object of the game being to stay as far away from mommy and daddy as possible.

The boys were thrilled to see Sid and hear him sing some songs.  I have to say we are big fans of the PBS lineup and Sid the Science kid is a great way to introduce science to preschoolers.  The tent was filled with parents, strollers and kids anxious to see Sid.  The show only lasted 15 minutes which was great because I think I sweated away about 5 pounds holding Liam and making sure Jake didn't climb up on the stage.  Caleb sat next to Daddy and watched Sid with a huge grin on his face.  I was amazed that Marc had to ask several parents to not stand in front of our two year old so that he could see the show. 

After Sid we ate a picnic lunch by the Sea Lions and waited for Buddy the T-Rex to arrive.  As soon as he popped out the door Liam exclaimed, "Dinosaur Train!!"  Luckily I waited in line while Marc and the boys were admiring the sea lions so we did not have to wait too long to meet Buddy.  Although we did have to wait a few extra minutes for someone to retrieve their child from another family's photo op.  For a minute we thought we were going to be witnesses to a fist fight.  When it was our turn the boys were so excited to see Buddy and give him hugs and we had a really hard time getting them to turn around and smile for the camera.  You can see Liam is upset, not from Buddy, but from being turned around to take the picture!

All in all a fun filled day.  We finished the day off with a round of ice cream and everyone was happy until the ice cream ran out!  As we headed to the car, Jake was screaming, "more animals, more animals!"  After loading everyone and everything into the car, everyone drifted off to sleep as we headed home on the highway.