Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's go to the Zoo!

Sunday we did one of my favorite activities with the boys...we went to the Bronx Zoo!  My son Jake, in particular, LOVES animals.  Of course the highlight of his zoo experience today was the peacock.  The peacock is not in one particular exhibit.  Rather they roam the grounds and is often the first animal we see upon arrival.  For whatever reason Jake loves looking for the peacocks.

Our first stop was the bug carousel.  A favorite attraction for all three of my boys. 

Today was a particularly fun filled activity day at the zoo.  Two of my sons' favorites characters were scheduled to appear---Sid the Science Kid and Buddy the T-Rex from Dinosaur Train.  Of course it was also Memorial Day Weekend and incredibly hot.  I have to say I thought the zoo would be easier as they got older and in some respect it is. However, they definitely object to the stroller alot more now and when released they love to scatter in three different directions. Sometimes my boys think holding hands is great and other times they think holding hands is a fun game mom and dad want to play with the object of the game being to stay as far away from mommy and daddy as possible.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick Quick Slow

I don't know about you guys but my two year olds are in a serious Curious George phase right now.  It is the show we watch when we are munching on breakfast and getting ready for the day.  The other day the episode was on where George learned how to do the boxstep from his neighbors the Rankins.  The Rankins grandaughter Ally was going to have a dance party so George learned how to dance and in turn taught all the neighbors. 

The main lesson George took from the Rankins was quick quick slow..quick quick slow and that they step in time with the music. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And it begins....

As I sit here with one of my two year old sons in my lap, another trying to get into my lap, and the third trying to grab my attention as he scoots by on his trike, I attempt to write my first blog.  Yes, I have three sons and they all happen to be two and a half years old.  My goal with this blog is to offer anectdotes of my life that is normal to me but appears crazy to everyone else while at the same time gather useful tips and offer advice based on my experiences raising three little boys all the same age.  I know I only have three and not six or seven or eight, but people are still always amazed by triplets and love to tell me that I have my hands full.  I never like to think of myself as any different than anyone else with three children, although I will admit my days are filled with different challenges than others who have children of different ages.  I by no means consider myself an expert on anything related to kids or otherwise, I simply take each day one at a time and count my blessings that we have survived thirty two whole months without having to go to the emergency room!  I hope to share useful information related to baby products and other tricks I have learned along the way.